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NFT art might seem like it’s limited to the digital world. But, physical NFT art galleries are beginning to pop up in the real world. From Twitter to the Guggenheim, the art world has its eyes firmly on making use of the massive opportunities for NFT in the real world. So, with the chance to cash in on the rise of NFTs, here’s how to host a physical NFT art gallery: 

What are NFTs?

  • NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token.’ 
  • With their authenticity encrypted through blockchain technology, they’re a unique asset – asserting its originality and worth.
  • Artists now have the means to sell original pieces of digital art. 

Glamorous 4k Displays

We can learn a lot from the way the first physical NFT art galleries were hosted. 

Aside from how the art is sold and collected, the biggest difference between hosting a physical NFT art and a traditional gallery is the way the art is presented. 

Big, impressive 4k displays at 60 fps seem to be the way to do it – according to Superchief Gallery in New York. It claims to be the first-ever NFT gallery in the world with its “Season One Starter Pack” display.

Edward Zipco, the co-founder and director of Superchief Gallery NFT said, “This is the world’s first physical NFT gallery space and what we wanted to do is show the way that NFT artwork would look in the home of the collector.”

Most of these screens have ‘phone-friendly dimensions.’ That is, screens that display the art in a larger style than what you’d expect to see on your cell phone. 

Superchief’s ‘digital canvases’ were provided by Blackdove.

Combine Mediums

NFT BAZL was another of those first physical NFT art galleries. Hosted in Miami, the event put a twist on the typical art show by combining traditionality with modernity. 

Artists at NFT BAZL had access to both digital asset investors and physical asset collectors. This gives artists the chance to show the story of their art, with different styles of art alongside the digital piece. Thanks to the use of digital mediums, they’re also able to show off where the pieces were originally bought, by who and where it was held – a big plus for collectors looking to own prestigious pieces.

Make a Party of It

In Dallas, the Landmark Center will soon host a physical NFT art gallery for two weekends. The hosts behind the event said, “We’ve had collectors that were trying to learn, ‘Hey, how do I get involved in this NFT world? And so we just thought, what better way to kind of kick off an event that would help start educating people in general? Instead of having Zoom calls, we were like, ‘we should just make a party out of it.'”

They opened the event to the general public, who could see the work, grab a bite to eat from food trucks, and buy physical versions of some of the art. 

The rise of NFTs has been massively fueled by FOMO (the fear of missing out). So when people hear about the NFT art gallery party in their neighborhood, you can be sure many will not want to miss out.


When it comes to hosting a physical NFT art gallery and auctions, most of the current physical NFT art galleries have been taking the silent auction approach – for both physical and NFT art. 

Internet Culture

NFT’s have been born out of memes and meme culture, and that can’t be overlooked, even if your gallery is more art-focused than meme-focused. The two worlds have blurred together. 

Finding a blend between traditional art and internet culture seems to be the trick. That may mean including a mix of NFT art closer to what we’d typically expect from a gallery and art that is more meme-based or designed to make a statement. 

The Future of Physical NFT Art Galleries

The longevity of NFT art galleries is up for debate. NFTs are under increased pressure currently over concerns of fraud and environmental damage. However, there is no doubt that the hybrid of physical and digital artwork is a promotional way to monetize art. 

Recurring royalty schemes are proving a huge benefit to artists, with tangible digital assets providing stability never seen from digital art. One thing for sure, there is a place for hosting physical NFT art galleries while it’s still a hot topic. 

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