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Trying to drive traffic to your facebook page can be a feat in and of itself, on top of creating content that people will read and engage with. It requires the right combination of image, text, size, and placement. So to lend some insight on how to create online ads that drive more awareness, Facebook’s Marketing Science team conducted a study, and after more than 700 people and 350+ campaigns were analyzed in the course of 6 months, the team offered up some key elements for success.

First, focus on 7 essential things when creating an online ad creative:

  • Focal point: Is there an element that draws the reader’s eye?
  • Brand link: Is it easy to identify you?
  • Brand Personality: Is the ad cohesive with the tone of your page?
  • Informational reward: Is the ad info captivating?
  • Emotional reward: Does the ad stir up any emotion?
  • Noteworthy: Is the image an attention grabber?
  • Call to action: Is there an urge to a clear action?

When promoting your page, research shows the most important elements were brand link, emotional reward, and noteworthiness.  Ads serve to persuade, so when promoting yourself or an issue, there should be a clear connection back to your page.  However, this must be in conjunction with an emotional appeal and noticeable presence to exude a more personable feel.  

Keep the following best practices in mind when constructing your ad campaign.

  • A clear brand/page story is pertinent, so a direct brand link is key.
  • Know what you represent and utilize already relevant awareness.
  • Understand your audience and communicate with them regularly through your creative.

If any of these things are ignored, it can have an extremely negative effect on the performance of your ad and hinder your progression to your goal. For more in-depth explanations on this topic read Facebook for Business’s article here, and let us know how these tips have worked for you.

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