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Let’s talk about what makes Drupal such a great choice for developers, designers, and publishers.

  1. It does so many things and does them well. At its core, Drupal helps you organize all of your information and present it cleanly– as any self-respecting CMS should do. Drupal takes this to another level by making your content easy to find once published. Additional capabilities include the ability to upload almost any form of content, great admin controls, collaboration tools, use as a mobile application launch pad, and the ability to connect to external sources.
  2. Is it secure? More on this in a later post, but YES. The platform has a great track record of strong security.  Even though it is an open-source platform, the Drupal security team is always on the lookout for vulnerabilities and quickly releasing patches to address them.
  3. Fully customizable. Though sometimes seen as a weakness, everything about the platform can be customized. From the layout of the backend, the addition, and removal of certain basic functions, to the creation of groups to contain your content tags. This ability to mold the software to your specific needs is one of the great features for administrators of Drupal.
  4. Add-ons. Did someone say widget? There is a bevy of featured add-ons in the Drupal community. Rather than having to recreate the wheel (or in this case social media widget), one can go find a compatible widget online and install it on the website. This makes it easier for coders to focus on coding great add-ons, and web developers to focus on making your website beautiful.
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